A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

Every wedding is different and every couple is different. As a result, there is not a typical task that wedding planners do every single day.

A wedding planner is more than just an event coordinator. A wedding planner is a shrewd negotiator, a purveyor of taste, a shoulder to lean on, a multi-tasker and a problem solver.

Wedding planners are personal assistants for the happy couple. They are also accountants who specialise in wedding finances, as well as people with great creative visions. When a client comes to you as a wedding planner, they want to know that you can take their ideas and turn them into a reality. They also want you to manage their budget, make sure that everything goes right on the day, and help you finalise the details of the wedding once the big day is over

Every wedding starts out when a couple approaches a wedding planner to help them turn their vision for their wedding into a reality. In some cases, this may be an outer space themed wedding with 75 guests in a garden. In other cases, you may be renting a luxury hotel ballroom and struggling to figure out where the attendees can leave their vintage sports cars.

A wedding  planner can expect to work on engagements of all sizes. Country location weddings are becoming increasingly more popular. This means wedding planners now find themselves planning an event on the couple’s behalf, when the couple doesn’t live in their locality, but would like to get married in it.

Wedding planners may work directly with a couple in an office or on site. They might take the couple shopping for flowers or escort them to venues to choose a space for the event. Alternatively, they may be working with a couple who live on the opposite side of the country and want to have a destination wedding. This would require them to plan the whole event on behalf of the couple, checking in with them to provide them with updates.

The following list contains a list of the biggest tasks the planner will often be given to fulfil:

Coordinating the Venue

Usually your wedding planner will be in charge of all things to do with the venue. In most cases, they will need to find a selection of appropriate venues, and then present them to the client. They will need to do plenty of research to figure out what each of the venues can bring to the wedding, as well as any drawbacks to the space itself. For example, if they are looking at an inner city venue, you will have to figure out where the guests will park their cars.

Working with Vendors

Your wedding planner will need to draw on trusted vendors and suppliers. Planners will often be spent tracking down the best vendors and forging relationships with them in order to offer the client the best packages.

Creative and Design Initiatives

The wedding planner career requires someone who is both intensely creative as well as someone who is proficient in administrative tasks. The planners time is not just spent coming up with themes, floral arrangements and designs for clients’ weddings. They also need to nurture your creative side and stay on top of the latest industry trends.


Your planner will not just be negotiating prices they will use their negotiation skills to ensure that you get the right flowers, the right food and the themes.

Choosing a Wedding Planner 

This is a personal choice but remember you are choosing a planner to work on your behalf, ideally someone who can expand on your ideas and work within budget.

Because a wedding is a personal affair, event planners can focus more on the details of the event rather than selling the event to other people

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