Designing Our Own Wedding Invitation

Printed materials may consist of invitations, place settings, menus, thank you cards and anything else that is created to give to the guests attending the wedding.

The best way to keep track of all these printed items is to organise them into three groups. These groups include materials distributed before the wedding, during the ceremony and after the wedding.

The planning process for printed materials begins early.

It will begin with the theme that the couple chooses for the wedding. The colours, fonts and aesthetics established by the theme will all be reflected in the printed materials.

Whether you design the materials yourself or rely on a designer to do it for you, you will usually need to offer the couple several options to choose from.

After the couple has chosen the design, you will need to talk about printing. Printing will usually depend on the budget the couple has as well as the priority of the printed materials.

You will usually need to enlist a printer to help you get these materials printed.

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