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The UK Web store is a convenient environment for businesses to browse and purchase items on-line from Quaint Country weddings. We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe, secure site for all transactions.

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Any information provided by a customer will remain strictly confidential.

Address information are used for processing orders, delivering goods and obtaining information for periodic mailings from Quaint Country weddings regarding new products and services.
Telephone/Fax numbers are used for delivery purposes and when communicating in relation to orders or enquires.
Details may be used in house as a measure of improving the content of the web site.


Security is taken seriously by all employees from Quaint Country weddings. Credit card and data will be directed under the security of SLL technology ensuring your online shopping is safe and secure.
Should you prefer to place a telephone order, please telephone 01743 289418 where you order or request can be dealt with immediately.

Product Availability

If any items are out of stock at the time of your order you will be contacted via telephone or email address provided when placing the order. Once an item is sold out we may not be able to replenish stock, resulting in items being removed from the web site at the earliest opportunity.


All pictures are for illustration purposes only, items delivered may differ from these photographs. Quaint Country weddings can not be held responsible if products received are not as shown in the representative illustrations.

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