Finding the Right Wedding Venue

Finding the right venue is one of the most critical parts of planning a wedding.

If you can find a good venue, this can actually make several parts of the rest of the planning process much easier.

Finding a good venue is about more than finding a beautiful space.

The space needs to suit the couple’s needs for their wedding or wedding party, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Of course, it helps if the venue you choose is stunning on its own. But in this module, you will learn all about the different components that make up the perfect wedding venue for your next event

Here are some of the basics of choosing a wedding venue:


Do your best to only view wedding venues that fit within the set budget for the wedding.


The location is a critical part of choosing a venue because, like the price, it can make the planning process easier if you can find a great location.

Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect location, but you will learn about coordinating the travel and location logistics in this module.


Although this should go without saying, you need to find a location with good availability. Some of the more popular locations will book up well in advance so the sooner you start looking, the easier it will be.


Some wedding venues will offer extra packages when you book in to use the space. Some will require that you use their caterers, and others will provide all of the chairs, tables and other ancillary rentals that you need for the party. On the other hand, some venues will offer you nothing but the bare space itself.

These extra packages can affect both the price and the suitability of the venue.

The location is an important part of the venue.

You want to make sure that the location is accessible and easy to find for the wedding guests and the vendors. Different couples will want different locations. It will all depend on where they live, the type of party they are throwing and how much they want to spend.

Do you want the traditional church wedding or blessing?  This is very important as you don’t want guests travelling miles to the venue so you will need to find a venue as near to the church as possible.  The ideal scenario would be keeping guests together in one location.  “Quaint Country Weddings venue is located just meters from a beautiful quaint church.”

Once you’ve found a great venue in a prime location, you will need to set the date.

When you’re dealing with popular venues, your event will often be one of many on that month, that week or even that weekend. Understanding how many other weddings are taking place around yours is also an important aspect of planning.

The opening time is also important. This is because someone will need to be at the venue to make sure that it all gets set up correctly. You need to know how much time you have before the party starts to make sure everything is ready.  Some venues only offer a couple of hours.

At Quaint Country Weddings we offer a 3 day window, 1 day prior, wedding day and day after.

You need to figure out exactly what the venue allows and doesn’t allow before you sign the contract with them. You will then need to negotiate between the venue and the happy couple to make sure that everyone is okay with the terms of the venue hire agreement.

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