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Finding the Right Wedding Venue

Finding the right venue is one of the most critical parts of planning a wedding.

If you can find a good venue, this can actually make several parts of the rest of the planning process much easier.

Finding a good venue is about more than finding a beautiful space.

The space needs to suit the couple’s needs for their wedding or wedding party, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Of course, it helps if the venue you choose is stunning on its own. But in this module, you will learn all about the different components that make up the perfect wedding venue for your next event

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Getting Married in the Church

Would you like to know more about getting married in the Church?

St Mary’s Church, Trelystan is a Church of England church and therefore governed under the following church rules.

1. Are the couple free to marry one an other?  If yes then check out the details below.

2. Does the bride or groom or any member of their family have connections to the Trelystan, Leighton parish? If so the couple are free to marry in the church

3. If the couple or any of their family have no relation of the Trelystan or Leighton parish then the church would like the couple to become registered on the parochial register. To do this the church would like the couple to attend one service a month over a 6 month period (the period can be extended so 6 services over 12 months).   Three of these services are the couples bans.  The church only holds one service a month so therefore understand if the couple can’t make all six services. Once complete the couple are then free to marry in the church.

4. If the couple were to stay in the local area for 3 or more consecutive weeks.

Looking for ideas try out this church ceremony planner tool.

The couple could give 28 days notice in their local registry office, thereafter sign their wedding certificate in the presence of two witnesses without any ceremony. The couple could then have a church blessing or renewal of vows. Same as a wedding ceremony but without signing the register, similar to getting married abroad. The church blessing if half the cost of the actual church wedding and guests would be non the wiser.

Signing the wedding certificate can be done on the morning of the wedding or anytime before the blessing to suit the bride and groom.

Not looking to Marry in the Church

Why not have a personalised ceremony outside with a celebrant. Once you have signed the register (see below) you are free to hold a ceremony with you guests outside or in the Marquee/tipi

How to apply at the registry office

  • Call your local registry office –
  • There will be a booking fee  approx £21
  • Notice of marriage approx £35 per person (28 day notice)
  • As you will be holding your ceremony at Quaint Country Weddings you only need to visit the registry office to sign the register with 2 witnesses – Fee approx £46 (week days) £170 (Saturday) – this can be carried out the day before your ceremony.

Here is the link to the fees at Powys Country Council registration office

New Wedding Venue Shropshire / Mid Wales Border Open Day

Saturday, 17 August 2019 from 10:30-16:30

Quaint Country Weddings
Saturday 17th August we shall be holding a wedding venue open day.

Pop and see this new dream location wedding venue. There will be a dressed marquee, quaint church and rustic hall on show.

Lovely suppliers joining us, Pour Horse bar, Daisy Bell Tents, Clun Bar, Evolution Entertainment, Darren Musgrove Photographer, Wedding planner and hopefully a Celebrant.

A great opportunity to discuss your plans with our coordinator and suppliers.

bride and groom at quaintcountryweddings
beautiful bride and groom at quaint country weddings

Sunday 18th August viewings also available by appointment.

Like to know more? email
Visit our website

Free admission and parking with refreshments.

Bring the children along and enjoy themselves in the beautiful countryside

Planning a Wedding Theme

The wedding theme is one of the most creative and exciting parts of the wedding for a wedding planner.

This is where you have a chance to shine compared to other wedding planners.

The couple is what will hold the wedding together, but the theme is what makes the ceremony and party look cohesive. As a wedding planner, it is your job to help a couple establish a theme, plan the theme and execute the theme

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Designing Our Own Wedding Invitation

Printed materials may consist of invitations, place settings, menus, thank you cards and anything else that is created to give to the guests attending the wedding.

The best way to keep track of all these printed items is to organise them into three groups. These groups include materials distributed before the wedding, during the ceremony and after the wedding.

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Why People Hire Wedding Planners

Many people choose to go the route of the wedding planner because this is the type of event that they find most exciting. Who could blame them? A wedding is a joyful, happy affair by its very nature.

A wedding is a different kind of event for more reasons than the obvious. Many of the other events that are planned require the event planner to be able to market the event successfully. These events often require payment negotiations, ticket sales and all of the other things that are involved with running a business event.

Because a wedding is a personal affair, event planners can focus more on the details of the event rather than selling the event to other people.

However, this does not mean that the role of the wedding planner is easier than that of a corporate event planner or a conference manager; it just requires different skills.

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A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

Every wedding is different and every couple is different. As a result, there is not a typical task that wedding planners do every single day.

A wedding planner is more than just an event coordinator. A wedding planner is a shrewd negotiator, a purveyor of taste, a shoulder to lean on, a multi-tasker and a problem solver.

Wedding planners are personal assistants for the happy couple. They are also accountants who specialise in wedding finances, as well as people with great creative visions. When a client comes to you as a wedding planner, they want to know that you can take their ideas and turn them into a reality. They also want you to manage their budget, make sure that everything goes right on the day, and help you finalise the details of the wedding once the big day is over

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