A Couples Useful Guide


  • Your venue fee covers all planning meetings at Quaint Country Weddings and phone and email correspondence on the lead up to your wedding day
  • You are welcome to bring your parents, florist, photographer etc to see Quaint Country Weddings, but please phone to make an appointment. Saturday or Sunday mornings are possible as long as we don’t have an early wedding.
  • We will need a couple of meetings at Quaint Country Weddings to go through the details of your day – these are generally held about 6 months and 1 month before your wedding.
  • To confirm the booking for the venue we will require a Book the Date fee of £150.00.
  • The remaining £600.00 deposit to be paid within 3 months of Booking the Date. (Total deposit £750.00 to include Book the Date fee)
  • An invoice for the total estimated cost of the event will be raised 26 weeks prior to the event date, 50% of this invoice is due on this date, minus your £750.00 deposit.
  • The full balance to be paid 90 days before your wedding
  • We offer an interest free direct debit plan to help budget for your day. The payments can be tailored to your requirements.
  • We will ask you to confirm your final numbers one month before the wedding, and will invoice you for our venue hire fee, the drinks package which we will have agreed, any additional agreed extras and the returnable damage deposit (£500) less all monies paid prior to this invoice. This account will be due for settlement, with any cheques cleared, twenty one days before the wedding. Refunds will not be given if numbers should drop. Any changes made after this date may result in extra charges
  • We will balance your account, and return your damage deposit (all being well!) within three weeks of the wedding
  • The hirer shall be required to pay for any loss or damage to any part of the venue, or any fixtures, fittings and equipment which is caused by the hirer, their guests or suppliers.
  • The book the date fee and deposit is non refundable
  • 26 to 52 weeks notice 50% charge
  • 10 to 26 weeks notice 75% charge
  • 0 to 10 weeks notice full charges to be made
  • In the event that the deadline for your final balance has passed, a 5% charge of the remaining balance will be added to your final invoice.
  • For notice of cancellation to be valid, we must receive it in writing, sent via recorded delivery. If you cannot prove we have received your cancellation letter, it will be deemed that notice has not been given and further charges will apply. A verbal cancellation is not accepted under any circumstances
  • Deposits are non returnable. We would strongly advise you to take out wedding cancellation insurance when you pay your deposit. Try this link https://www.compareweddinginsurance.org.uk/
  • The venue is fully insured and for our insurance purposes the venue CCTV must remain in operation at all times.
  • Maximum number of guests is 150 (day or evening)
  • Natural Confetti can only be used in the church yard
  • No smoking inside the marquee or buildings
  • During your clearing away balloons with plastic confetti must be burst within the large bins located outside - reason it is difficult to remove the confetti from the floors and grounds
  • .
  • We are more than happy to help with advice regarding ceremonies but the arranging of the ceremony is not part of the venue
  • Church ceremonies and any related charges must be arranged direct with the Vicar, Rev Bill Rowell wkrowell@btinternet.com
  • Please remember to contact your own local church at least 3 months before your ceremony date in order to read your banns.
  • For more information regarding church weddings click here
  • Useful link to include the costs of a church wedding at Trelystan - Recommend Reading
  • If you prefer an outdoor or inside the marquee wedding ceremony that's no problem you are free to choose your own celebrant or officiant to perform your ceremony and who will advise on contacting your local registry office.
  • Day Before (setting up day) - The marquee and grounds will be open from 9.30 am until 6pm to allow you and your team time to quietly prepare and decorate the venue ready for your wedding day. You may bring drop of items earlier if the week if it helps but please advise before hand to ensure we are around to open the venue for you.
  • Wedding Day - 9.30 am until Midnight
  • Next Day (clear away day) - 9.30 am to Midday To allow you to collect your personal possessions and remove decorations.
  • We offer a Clear Down Package Your possessions will be packed and stored away for collection - all clearing, cleaning and disposing shall be handled by our staff, must be booked in advance - £250.00
  • The bar closes at 11.45 pm
  • Firepits are extinguished at 11.50 pm
  • Last dance is at midnight
  • All music finishes at midnight - lights on
  • Carriages at midnight
  • The venue closes on or before 12.30 am
  • Clearing of table cloths and items - midnight
  • Guests are not permitted in the marquee after closure
  • It is useful for your guests to have the following information; all of which is available on our website. We can email copies to you for those who have no internet access.
  • 1. Direction map to Quaint Country Weddings SY21 8LD – find us
  • 2. Taxi list (cars can be left here overnight - no overnight sleeping in vehicles permitted) See taxi list details below.
  • 3. Local accommodation list
  • Here is an example idea of timings on your special day
  • 2.00pm – Ceremony (church or outdoor)
  • 2.45pm – Drinks reception & photos
  • 4.00pm – Guests to find their seats in the marquee
  • 4.30pm – Meal is served
  • 6.00pm – Speeches/cake cutting
  • 7.00pm – Evening guests arrive
  • 7.30pm – Band/Disco starts
  • 8.30pm – Evening food is served
  • There will be extra staffing costs for weddings starting before 1.00pm and table clearance after 9pm The licensed bar will be open 30 minutes before to your ceremony - unless you specifically advise the bar should remain closed until after your ceremony.
  • The bar closes at 11.45pm
  • The last dance is at 11:55pm
  • Carriages and taxis - Midnight
  • During your meetings prior to your wedding day we will ask for the names and contact details of your disco/band, photographer, florist etc who will be coming to Quaint Country Weddings. We will want to contact them to make sure they are bringing everything they need with them and so that we know what time they are arriving on the day. Please make sure they have a map and directions as some sat navs may take them past the venue.
  • Please speak to the caterer that you have chosen if you are providing a meal for the band or photographer. Speak to us if you would like to run a bar tab for the band/DJ.
  • Fireworks, sparklers and Chinese lanterns are not possible due to livestock in the neighbouring fields
  • Will need to know prior to your wedding of any outside food trucks, bouncy castles, photobooths and activities to enable us to plan their positioning.
  • Choice of:

    Tableware Package

    Prior to your setting up arrival, tables will be positioned and table settings laid out (layout agreed before hand). Also included is the hire of : white table cloths, premium cutlery and white crockery, water glasses and water jugs. The Tableware Package allows you to add your own personal touches without the stress of setting up. Price £7.50 per setting.
    Standard DIY Package

    You and your team position and set your table places, will have access to:
  • 14 x 6ft round tables - seating up to 12 guests (10 is more comfortable)
  • 2 x 5ft round tables (seat up to 10)
  • Traditional trestle tables are available to create a traditional long top table and for serving buffets etc
  • Rustic long trestle style tables for seating your guests may be hired in, at your cost, from companies such as Tipples in Shrewsbury - we require 2 weeks notice in order to arrange staff to remove our own tables
  • 150 x Cheltenham banquet chairs - chair covers are not required but you may choose to add your own style using covers or sashes
  • If you are planning to set up the day before your event it is a good idea to bring everything with you on this day. We will be there to discuss your requirements and help with any last minute details.

  • Note:
  • Due to Health & Safety we are able to supply the use of ladders.
  • For safety reasons any candles must be displayed in jars or in lanterns. Staff are happy to light candles / tea lights on the tables
  • Please be advised that alcoholic favours are not permitted as their consumption on the premises cannot be monitored.
  • Tablecloths, napkins, table glassware, crockery & cutlery can all be hired separately and ready for your arrival
  • We welcome children and pets 🙂
  • Please be advised there are several grass and flower banks at the venue.
  • The venue is a safe place for children but children must be supervised by at all times.
  • If you are planning on including a bouncy castle or similar activity we recommend you place a sign next to the activity advising persons playing are at their own or parents risk
  • Owners of pets must clear away and safely dispose of mess created by their pet
  • We offer hire items to help with your decorations or tableware to include
  • Glassware
  • Tablecloths
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery
  • Decorations
  • Prosecco wall
  • 4ft LED LOVE letters
  • You can find a list of items by clicking here
    • The venue includes a large oak bar with draught pumps. The bar is licensed, stocked and run by the Quaint Country Weddings team.
    • Prior to your wedding we will go through the suggested draught drinks, wine and stocks
    • Our bar can offer :
    1. Cash Bar service - ie individuals pay for their own drinks using cash or credit card
    2. Open Bar service - You choose a budget you feel comfortable with allowing your guests "Free Drinks" until the budget has been reached.    Guests expect a free welcome drink, we are finding guests are more impressed with choosing their own one or more free drinks from the bar rather than a set welcome drink.  Open Bar often replaces wine on the table option allowing guests to choose their own drinks.
    • You are Allowed to Bring your Own Drink  - Under our alcohol premises license the venue permits that the bridal couple may supply their own drinks.  Please note there is a limit to the drinks a couple may bring.    The couple can choose up to two of the following options.
      • Welcome drinks: maximum 1 drink per guest.  Additional servings available, subject to a handling charge.
      • Wine bottles with a meal: maximum of 1 bottle per table up to 6 guests, 2 bottles per table up to 12 guests. A handling charge will apply for additional bottles.
      • Toast drinks: maximum of 1 glass per guest.
    • Our bar staff will present and serve your drinks and you will be able to store your own bottles in the coldroom prior to serving. - we will require prior notice (usually 2 weeks) regarding your intended drinks supply for your wedding day
    • There is no corkage for your drinks provided within the limits above.  A minimal glass hire charge - see our hire list for prices.
    • Couples and guests are not permitted to bring their own alcohol onto the grounds this includes the parking area.   Under our Council Premises License conditions staff are required to make regular checks, any unauthorized alcohol will be removed from site.  Guest  may requested their items back upon leaving the venue.
    • We do not permit underage drinking of alcohol
    • Note : Under our licensing rules we do not serve anyone appearing to be under the influence of alcohol
  • We do not restrict you from choosing your own catering suppliers
  • The venue does not include any cooking equipment - your caterers are responsible for bringing any equipment they find necessary to supply you with the services they have agreed.
  • Actual cooking of food in the marquee is not permitted.
  • If your caterers are bringing extra weather cover or require additional space they must contact us in order that we can ensure the necessary area is available for their arrival.
  • Your caterers can hire additional cover - 2 weeks notice would be required
  • If you are planning food trucks or outside catering please let us know in order that we can allocate electric and a pitch prior to their arrival.
  • Caterers are responsible for clearing the disposing of their own waste.
  • Please read the section displaying and serving food
  • No food is allowed to remain in the marquee overnight. If your caterers are planning to have left site before clearing please discuss with us the options available.
  • Important Information

  • Your caterers or any persons supplying food are responsible for clearly labelling and highlighting allergy awareness for guests

  • Hot food must be kept at 63°C or above, except for certain exceptions.
    When you or your caterers display hot food, e.g. on a buffet, your caterers should use suitable hot holding equipment to keep it above 63°C.

    If this is not possible, food can be taken out of hot holding to display it for up to TWO HOURS, but you can only do this once.
    Food that has not been used within two hours should either be chilled down as quickly as possible to 8C or below or thrown away.

  • Cold or buffet food must not be left out in normal ambient conditions for more than FOUR HOURS.

  • Worried about hot weather or wish to display your food for longer - why not hire our refrigerated buffet display - ask for details.
  • We are happy to refrigerate and store food for collection the next morning, please ask your caterers to box and cover the food prior to storage.
  • We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any food cooked, displayed, served to guests or stored overnight
  • Your Caterers or food suppliers are responsible for ensuring Food Save Measures are adhered to, please ask your caterers if you require further guidance.

  • You can stream your own daytime music through the venue speakers please ask for a demo
  • All music using any form of amplifiers or speakers must be played from within the marquee designated area.
  • Bands may perform until 11pm (Friday / Saturday) and 10.30pm (Sunday to Thursday)
  • DJ's or streaming music until midnight (Friday / Saturday) and 11.30pm (Sunday to Thursday).
  • Un-amplified music can be played outside within the venue grounds before 21:00h.
  • Whilst everyone enjoys loud music the Environmental Health do not allow music at the venue to reach large festival levels ie 100db and above (which is very loud) Note: HSE says noise levels above 105dB can damage your hearing if endured for more than 15 minutes each week
  • We operate an Environmental Health authorised sound limiter to ensure the authorised dB levels are adhered to. The sound limiter is required to stop high level "festival rock levels" noise from travelling down the valley.
  • Just to explain The limiter displays a traffic light system warning musicians if the sound is exceeding a high limit allowing the musicians to sensibly reduce their bass or volume marginally.
  • Just to confirm the noise level permitted in the marquee is loud, you and your guests will be able to sing and dance away as expected. The sound allowed is just not rock festival level.
  • DJ's – In our experience all DJ's can play loud music and have no problem
  • We recommend if you are planning on using a live band to request they use an electric drum kit where they can adjust bass levels. We are more than happy to chat with your band/DJ prior to and or before your wedding.
  • The venue has been designed to allow people with disabilities to enjoy their day. Walkways outside and hard flooring in the marquee. Parking to the rear of the marquee is usually allocated for caterers and suppliers if you require disabled parking close to the marquee please ask and we will ensure allocation is reserved for your guests to park.
    Toilets next to the marquee require the ability to walk up 3-4 steps with a handrail. Toilets adjoining the hall are easy to access but can not accommodate wheelchairs - although work is expected to ensure the toilets are fully accessible compliant in the future (ask for details)
    We recommend hiring in a portable accessible toilet if required, try https://toilets2go.co.uk/
  • We do not permit any camping, caravans, campervans on site please ensure guests arrange their own accommodation or transport
  • Below is a list of local Taxi companies.
  • Ruth's Taxi, Welshpool - 07729 103642
  • Wrights Taxis Ltd, Welshpool - 01938 552531 (also provides a mini bus)
  • Amber Cabs , Welshpool - 01938 556611
  • Stonebridge Taxis , Welshpool - 01938 555119
  • Shrewsbury Taxi - 01743 242424
  • Simon Car, Shrewsbury - 01743 225229
  • Cookson Travel, Welshpool - 01938 553465 (provides mini bus)
  • It is sensible to book taxis in advance – please enclose the list with invitations, so that guests can organise their transport. If a group are going to one place it may be cost-effective for them to organise a mini bus or coach.
  • Here is a list of local accommodation
  • We have a list of recommended suppliers – their prices are not included in our venue charges and we are not responsible for any services provided.

    Marquee & Grounds Include

    • Commercial ivory lined marquee – overall size 24m x 9m consisting of
    • Wooden floor throughout option
    • 4m x 4m high peak entrance pagoda optional (subject to weather conditions)
    • 3 x 8 arm chandeliers
    • 6 x internal wall wash up lights
    • Fairy lit ceiling
    • Black star lit ceiling above the dance floor
    • Mirror ball
    • Oak bar and drinks dresser option – available your mobile bar company usually bring their own bar
    • Up to 150 Cheltenham beach wood banquet chairs
    • 14 x 6ft round tables (fit up to 12 guests) 2 x 5ft 6″ round tables (fit up to 10 guests)
    • 8 Rustic trestle tables (ideally require table cloths) – ideal for top table, and displays
    • Additional canteen trestle tables ideal for buffet tables
    • Barrel for the cake stand
    • PA sound system and two speakers
    • 2 x wireless microphones
    • Firepit (no fire permitted after closure or extreme hot weather)
    • 20 KVa mains electric

    Optional upgrades available

    • Large 16m star tent
    • Table linen
    • Fine dining crockery & cutlery
    • No Corkage – Glass hire (to cover washing and brakeage) for your own welcome drinks, wine on the table or toast fizz (limit applies see pic for info)
    • LED LOVE letters etc
    • Full list can be viewed by clicking here
    Click to enlarge


    Our fully licensed, staffed and stocked bar will include a range of draught beer/cider, spirits, wines, soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee. In the months before your wedding we will sit down with you to discuss your requirements.

    Bring Your Own Allowances

    There is no charge for supplying your own items as follows:

    No Corkage – Under our alcohol premises license the venue permits that the bridal couple may supply their own drinks. Please note there is a limit to the drinks a couple may bring.    Choose up to two of the following options.

    • Welcome drinks: maximum 1 drink per guest.  Additional servings available, subject to a handling charge..
    • Wine bottles with a meal: maximum of 1 bottles per table up to 6 guests, 2 bottles per table up to 12 guests.  A handling charge will apply for additional bottles.
    • Toast drinks: maximum of 1 glass per guest.

    Minimal glass hire charge, 20p glass, will apply to cover breakage, handling and cleaning

    We even offer a choice of your favourite “His and Hers” Signature Cocktails

    Sample Bar Sign

    Useful Help Guidance

    Pre-Wedding Check list – Use this guide nearer your wedding day to tell us what tables, chairs and extras you require. We can ensure all the right equipment is ready on site when you arrive to set up.

    Drinks Check ListWelcome drinks and wine on the table vs Open bar? Guests like to receive a drink after the ceremony but should you opt for tradition ie serve welcome drinks and wine on the table of your choice or allow guest to choose free drinks from the bar? We are finding guests feel really spoilt and love to choose their own drinks, usually commenting on how generous the couple are vs expecting a pre-set welcome drink?!!

    How it works – you set a limit with the bar, a sign is placed on the bar, similar to below, when the sign is visible free drinks for your guests, once the sign is removed guests pay for their own drinks. Cash and card accepted. An itemized drinks report can be supplied.

    Note: You could offer the open bar for just welcome drinks and still add your own wine on the table.

    If you wish to control how many drinks each guests consumes you can give guests tokens (ideal as favour’s) and they exchange the token for a drink.

    Supplier Contact form Nearer your day let us know who your chosen suppliers are so we can contact them to help with wedding morning set up and electrical requirements.

    Useful Links:

    Don’t forget the after celebration clear up.

    Most of your items and will be placed on a table ready for your collection.  We would like the venue and grounds to be cleared by 1200h on the day after the wedding and handed back to us in the same original condition.  There will be a large commercial rubbish bin and glass recycling bin on site available for your use. Your suppliers must remove their own rubbish from site.

  • No camping permitted on site – book at a private neighbouring campsite http://www.weddingpitch.uk